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Protein Factory 1.0

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The Central Dogma

All life follows a single rule. DNA encodes the information, which is transcribed by RNA (a process called transcription), and then becomes the biological entity - protein, a process called translation. The scientists call this rule - The Central Dogma, the law of life on earth.

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Protein Biosynthesis in Nature

Proteins are made in every cell from mRNA by a complicated but known process involving machineries such as ribosome, tRNA synthetase, tRNA, elongation factors, chaperones etc..

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Make Protein outside Cells

But as a biochemical reaction(s), protein synthesis can also be made outside cells. This is call cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) or in vitro protein synthesis.

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Only need to add DNA and H2O

Protein Factory 1.0

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Protein Synthesis in the Future

Now you may make your protein anywhere, anytime, without any instrument, at extremely low cost for your research, business, medicine, education, health or etc.

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